Easter weekend and MMO update

Unlike say Christmas, there’s not much going on in MMOland that is thematically linked to Easter. I suppose that’s understandable as this weekend has a lot less imagery and folklore as inspiration beyond the Christian core. Chocolate eggs and a bunny rabbit do not make for an obviously heroic time. World of Warcraft has Noblegarden, Tera had an egg hunt event (although that wasn’t just around at Easter) and I’ve read that the venerable Final Fantasy XI has something going on too.

This weekend, a long one in the UK with two public days of holiday attached, does offer an opportunity to forge ahead with some gaming goals. Time for an update post!

World of Warcraft
I’ve finally gotten around to cancelling my WoW subscription for the second time and honestly, even more than the last, I don’t feel even the tiniest desire to return for the next expansion. Mists of Pandaria had a new race and a class, Draenor has neither. As guildies were discussing last night there are a lot of equally good MMOs to play now so Blizzard *should* be worried that they’re not even in beta for the expansion yet.

My second character, a devout cleric, is now at level 53 and rapidly approaching the cap. He’s my duo character so I play him only on evenings where we are both free for a game. I’ve nearly completed my Sharandar campaign aims on my wizard main; so I’ll be hoping to do the Dread Ring campaign on this cleric as a change of scenery. This weekend is also the latest Call to Arms event so we’ve been doing a chunk of skirmish runs during the schedule skirmish bonus event hours – a chance to run with the guild and try for the companion (while benefiting from the bonus astral diamonds from the bonus event). It won’t be long before module 3 arrives though so plenty of new things to look forward to in this game!


I’ve just started playing the odd session of LOTRO again, but time is limited for a second game so I’m making good use of the destiny point bought rested XP and the limited stock of XP potions I have saved up. My champion is now just short of level 79 and is progressing nicely on the Rohan epic quest chain. I’m doing most but not all side quests at present, not quite a full on rush through the leveling but making better progress than if I stopped to smell all the roses. It does mean both his crafting and his gathering have fallen behind. His tailoring has often needed some concentrated sessions to catchup but this is I think the first time he has been unable to mine or gather wood in a zone since I started him. Once I’ve made it to the epic quests for the current Helm’s Deep expansion I’ll have to make a decision of whether to plow on to the cap or to stop and do some serious catchup on deeds, gathering and crafting so he’s a more rounded character.

We are still playing our leveling trio of Imperial characters adhoc, no set schedule now as our healer is too busy with work but we try to fit the odd session in every week or two. It’s on the rotation still but not for solo play, I am looking forward to seeing what the housing system will be like.

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