Treasure hunt v2

My partner was rather inspired by our Neverwinter guild’s treasure hunt activity to organise a similar activity in World of Warcraft. The idea was the same – the players gather in game. Each round consists of finding one of the organiser’s characters (most of which have been logged off in position to avoid waiting time or the chance of cheating by following them before the round actually begins!) The players are then given a clue to the general zone you should be looking in. Then you all hunt around until you see the character but also you have to get up close to them to be declared the winner.


World of Warcraft is a good game for this type of activity on the one hand since the game world is expansive and complex in design. However the conversion of most of the game to flying enabled zones negates much of the fun and challenge of a person hunt. So my partner decided to use the Draenei starter zones (neither Burning Crusade racial starter zone was converted for flying in Cataclysm) to force us to run around on mounts or paws!


As the first hiding place demonstrated there are plenty of corners and places in the zone design that most players do not see as they race from quest to quest. Take for instance a path in Exodar that runs above this summoning stone near the shaman trainers…

On the hunt...

On the hunt…

It was a great opportunity to *really* explore a zone I have very fond memories of. We found some obscure little spots that we’d either forgotten about or never even knew about. Several members of the posse even found quests they’d missed while leveling years ago!


The only minor negative for me was the game engine itself. The world is beautifully detailed and constructed but the game has limitations due to its age. Jumping isn’t great at the best of times. This made one step of the hunt all the more difficult as the climb up to this wonderful perch on top of a ruined building requires some navigating of invisible barriers and because some of the structure you can see here you simply fall through for no apparent reason!


We ended the final stage of the hunt with a rather spectacular sunset off the coast of Bloodmyst isle. A fitting end to a great activity, for once not related to progression or leveling or gear at all. I’d heartily recommend guild leaders consider this type of activity for their own groups – they make for a great change of pace!

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