Neverwinter: a rewarding weekend

Yesterday I finally gave in to temptation and bought myself a Lillend companion.


This Celestial half-snake creature is a rather exotic-looking healer character. I’ve wanted one for the pure aesthetics of the model and animations for some time, she plays spells of healing and damage on a harp made from a giant bejeweled sword, what’s not to like? Despite the general community obsession with ioun stones for group content, I usually have a healer out for doing dailies solo and more importantly I want to have a stable of purple (rank 30) companions so I can run the top tier Sword Coast Adventures.

I also unlocked my first ‘tier’ item from the Sharandar campaign on Saturday. The 20 hour long task requires a mix of different reward currencies, from all three daily zones. In exchange you get a random purple item – this time around I got a new cloak, quite a big upgrade!



It’s a randomised reward system so we’ll see how quickly I manage to collect a set of the rewards. Module 3, the Curse of Icewind Dale, remains some time away but will be a good focus of excitement for later this year. There’s plenty of content for me to be doing until then.

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