Neverwinter: prize for most annoying monster ever?

All MMO creatures are not created equal, some are just plain annoying to fight. Whether it’s the droid teams from SWTOR that push and pull you across the battlefield, the horrid jumping spiders of DDO that just have to get right onto your face or the patrolling elite that just happens by when you’re already locked in a fierce battle with something else in LOTRO; some creatures just seem to want to spoil your day.

Running the Sharandar campaign dailies to now save up for the fancy purple gear rewards, I’ve come across some pretty annoying creatures in Neverwinter too.

3) Fomorian spellcasters

Some of the mini-bosses in the daily instances in Sharandar are Fomorian spellcasters. These ugly giants have some seriously painful attacks, they’re immune to crowd control (ouch for a control wizard!), oh and they can polymorph you into a helpless random animal!

Druid power preview?

Druid power preview?


2) Random encounter … with a beholder!

I’ve thankfully not encounter one of these floating monstrosities in the actual game as yet. However during the April Fool’s event one of the random runs had a beholder as a final fight. The random group wiped three times before we defeated it. To put that in context, none of the other runs involved a wipe at all. The auto-scaling system (that makes every character level 60) didn’t prepare us to face its massive damage and nasty attacks. I’m actually quite pleased that we manage to down it, I half-expected the random bunch of players to start abandoning the group after the first wipe. In any case not my favourite opponent outside a well prepared guild group.

Erm, is that what I think it is...

Erm, is that what I think it is…

1) Action point draining cheaters

Powrie are a type of redcap faerie nasty that you find mixed in with groups of redcaps and Fomorians throughout the Sharandar campaign. They’re weak opponents individually but if not killed quickly they start casting an ability to drain you of all of your action points (the power for your daily abilities). One story instance in the last and third section of the campaign actually has approx ten of these pesky fey in one area. Any creature with action point drain is overpowered (OP) in my book. It’s one thing to fight monsters that can stun, knockdown or some other form of crowd control on a hero. That’s normal for MMOs, especially those with action combat. But the action point drain is fast and easily missed as it’s not a red flashing shape on the floor – dodging does not avoid this you have to interrupt the powrie casting it!

Too dangerous to even get a close screenshot

Too dangerous to even get a close screenshot


What’s the most annoying monster to fight in your current MMO gaming?

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2 Responses to Neverwinter: prize for most annoying monster ever?

  1. pkudude99 says:

    In EQ2 when one of the expansions dropped…. I think Rise of Kunark, but not 100% sure. Anyway… they introduced a lot of mobs with the ability to stun you. Not a big deal on its own, but one of those mobs was a really weak wasp. . . .that came in swarms of 6. Normally those swarms wold be about as tough as a single regular solo mob, but these 6 would chain stun you. Just as 1 stun wore off, the next wasp stunned you, and so forth, until you got stunned by all 6 of them. If you actually managed to still be alive, you had about 5 seconds before the 1st wasp’s cooldown on its stun came off and then the cycle would repeat.

    There were enough complaints about those wasp swarms (and the amount of CC that mobs did in that expansion in general) that SOE ended up removing the stun from the wasps entriely, and toning the CC from the mobs down a lot in the next couple of weeks.

    Even so, I avoided that area with the wasps with all my alts when I was leveling them through that zone. I hated them that much.

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