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LOTRO: easy mode mounted combat

Mounted combat is still very much a mystery to me in LOTRO. Most of the questing I’ve been doing in East Rohan doesn’t require it and when I have tried it (since Update 13), it has been a somewhat painful … Continue reading

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Post level cap advancement

Several MMORPGs that I’ve played have had a system for continued character advancement after the level cap. Although the details differed the overall aim was the same, to give the player something to work towards after the character has stopped … Continue reading

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Bonus weekend in Neverwinter

I had an email through yesterday to announce this weekend as a bonus period for buying the cash store currency Zen for Neverwinter. I was actually contemplating buying some Zen to pick up a galeb duhr companion so the timing … Continue reading

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“Easy to play, hard to master”

LOTRO has been through a lot of systemic changes the last two updates. First the launch of the Helm’s Deep expansion changed all classes at a pretty fundamental level, reducing abilities, locking some to one of three talent trees and … Continue reading

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SWTOR: playing ‘evil’

We played an impromptu session of SWTOR on Saturday this weekend as a nice unexpected bonus. We managed to finish off both the planetary mission line and all our class missions for Taris. It’s one of my favourite planets, partly … Continue reading

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Easter weekend and MMO update

Unlike say Christmas, there’s not much going on in MMOland that is thematically linked to Easter. I suppose that’s understandable as this weekend has a lot less imagery and folklore as inspiration beyond the Christian core. Chocolate eggs and a … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: Curse of Icewind Dale launches May 13th

*bonus news post* In a recent announcement on the Neverwinter community page, Curse of Icewind Dale will be launching on May 13th. That’s nearly a month sooner than I was expecting, I guess I’ve not been keeping up with the … Continue reading

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