SWTOR: Galactic Strongholds announced

More details about SWTOR’s announced housing expansion have been released this last week, it is called Galactic Strongholds. The original teaser trailer didn’t really give much away. This page does at least start to describe how this might work, although I have a lot of questions still.

Legacy storage
This is probably a minor thing to some players but shared bank space is an absolute requirement, in my opinion, for any MMO that allows you to have more than one character. In 2014 if I have to mail items back and forth the devs are slacking (WoW!).

Multiple strongholds, legacy-based
I’m not sure yet whether characters from both factions will have access to strongholds, but at least we can have a Nar Shaddaa pad and one on Coruscant or Dromund Kaas. Sharing the space with friends is a nice, albeit obvious, feature.

Guild Flagships
If DDOs guild airships are anything to go by then the guild flagships in SWTOR will be a serious commitment of funds and some sort of grindy reputation-like input to own and maintain. I can’t imagine the three of us will bother to found a guild just to have one, but if the initial bar to ownership is really that low we may have to consider founding one. Having a shared ‘house’ that we all collectively contribute to would actually be nicer than just setting up our own apartments that the others never really see.

I do think it’s about time the socialiser/roleplayer crowd in-game got some love. Let’s just hope we can actually sit on chairs in our apartments or guild flagships! On a side-note this expansion actually makes me tempted to dust of my long-abandoned ‘main’ sage healer. At least he’ll have some money to get started on his apartment when the expansion comes.

There’s been some questioning on blogs or forums why Bioware would give us apartments and not simply upgrade the existing personal ship system. While I’d love to have been able to properly customise my ships, I can see the technical difficulties of doing so, give how often their interiors feature in companion and class mission cut-scenes. I also don’t necessarily buy into the idea that all our characters are space nomads – why shouldn’t they have a ground-side home to go back to?

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