LOTRO to gain new class in 2014?

This was a bit of a surprise announcement on Friday last that LOTRO is to gain a new class later this year (Massively link). There’s a speculative thread on the forums wherein players are guessing and debating what such a class could be. According to the announcement by Aaron Campbell (the executive producer for the game), which was part of a twitch-stream dev-team webcast (zoom forward to 01:03:00), the class will be “well within the lore of the trilogy”.

It’s interesting that an older game would get a new class, especially as LOTRO is of the older model of MMO where races have separate and distinct starter zones and where not all classes are available to all races. So the forums have wild speculations of what trinity roles the class might be able to fulfill, what sort of class it could be and what races are likely to be able to play it.

I personally think the suggestions I’ve seen so far seem unlikely (e.g. sage or knight) as they’d be a poor fit for the lore of the game specifically and would overlap too much with existing classes. Several lower level zones have been or are being revamped since I played through them so there would be an added incentive to play a new class potentially, or to finally get on with leveling one of my horde of alts that are stuck around levels 10-20.

In any case it will make interesting reading following the player speculation and eventually to see what this class turns out to be.

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