Draenor expansion to launch in “Fall 2014”

So Blizzard have opened the pre-order for the Warlords of Draenor expansion for World of Warcraft. The smaller text of the add mentions in passing that it’ll be launched this Fall (Autumn to those on the eastern side of the Atlantic).

This is hardly a shock, others have predicted it would take this long including many in my WoW guild. To me that’s reminiscent of the lengthy content droughts before other WoW expansions or between Moria and Mirkwood for LOTRO. Such content droughts were normal enough in the genre, at least until ArenaNet well and truly broke that mold (for good or bad) with the Living Story content fountain. Other MMOs have content releases on a semi-regular pattern as well; Rift was the first MMO to keep a monthly pace at least in my experience.

So the question to my mind is why on earth shouldn’t I just unsub now and save money? The pre-order items (instant level 90, mount, pet) are not of particular interest to me, so like with Mists of Pandaria, I will wait until after launch to decide whether to re-sub and buy the expansion. The idea that re-gearing a fresh level 90 should keep me occupied between now and November(ish) is laughable. Gearing my shaman as high as I have was painful enough since I’m a story focused player not a gear-achievement focused one. Yet Blizzard insists on locking the ends of stories in raid-content.

It boggles my mind that Blizzard haven’t reacted to the threat of other games with faster and more evened-out content release schedule.

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2 Responses to Draenor expansion to launch in “Fall 2014”

  1. Meznir says:

    What annoys me most about this is that they pretty much lied to us. Promising faster releases and never again having as long a wait as at the end of Cata or Wrath. The fact that at Blizzcon they deliberately withheld the fact that it would be another year until WoD but instead kept saying Soon(TM) and dripfeeding info for six months, dragging hopes on and on.

    I always regretted being conned into the annual pass and now regret having a sub that doesn’t expire til the end of June. I’ll probably unsub at that point for a few months, though no doubt that will be when Beta begins and I want to see a bit of it to decide whether to level my monk or priest first when the expansion launches.

    Very annoyed with Blizz though and this has once again soured my opinion of them.

  2. R says:

    @Meznir – I really wish people would stop throwing the word “promise” around… in their entire corporate history I can’t recall one time they promised anything, ever. They get enough grief about things they DON’T actually promise. They just gave us 6-9 months notice on when the expansion will likely release so we can plan accordingly / unsub with their blessing / etc… have they ever given that much notice before? Isn’t this a good thing (not the long dry spell, the 6-9 months notice)?

    @Telwyn – If there’s nothing keeping you in the game worth the monthly sub then yeah, unsubscribe… that’s how these things go, nobody has an obligation to Blizzard to stay subscribed. If you’re still getting your money’s worth (as I am, at this point at least), stay subscribed. If not, don’t. There’s no doubt that Blizzard is making economic decisions when they do what they do, we’re perfectly entitled to do likewise.

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