The mage-tank in Neverwinter

Back in the Burning Crusade era of WoW, when we first started, we played regularly with a player who was particularly skilled with his frost-specced mage at kiting (wiki definition). It even got to the extreme where, in the unfortunate incidence of a sudden tank death in a dungeon boss fight that he could usually keep the boss busy long enough for my druid to battle-resurrect the tank and for us to win the day. Thus was born the mage-tank legend.

This weekend in Neverwinter I did my first Dungeon Delve event with my guild. These events give a bonus reward chest if you start a delve during the one hour event timer. We were a bit late starting so it was a no-nonsense fast run. DD events are for epic mode dungeons (level 60 versions of the leveling dungeons), we choose a tier 1 version of the Lair of the Mad Dragon since someone in the group wanted a specific armour drop from there.

My freshly dinged level 60 wizard was probably the lowest gear-wise, although I did buy some remarkably cheap level 60 blue armour upgrades of the auction house to help prepare him. We had my wizard, a rogue, a cleric, a ranger and a high gear-score tank-spec wizard. Yes you read that correctly, even the squishy wizard if decked out in a good amount of defense/deflection gear AND played by a skilled player can tank a whole dungeon like a pro by constant movement and leading the damage table.


I love that this is possible as it gives a whole heap of group-building options (may not work in a pug!). Neverwinter is definitely on the soft-side of the holy trinity (tank, healer, dps) compared to some older MMOs since characters can gear to self-heal through life-steal or regeneration as well.


The run went very smoothly considering two of us hadn’t run that epic before. Only once did the wizard-tank not have complete control of a battle and the group rallied easily (having my wizard’s focus on control and a ranger with traps made that easier). In the final fight I died early on, simply because I was too busy keeping nasty additional monsters off the cleric and not paying enough attention to the red stuff on the floor. The cleric was able to revive me though and we won through without further difficulty.

I was too busy in final boss fight to take screenshots, so here's a demon instead...

I was too busy in final boss fight to take screenshots, so here’s a demon instead…

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and feel somewhat inspired as to what the Control Wizard class is capable of in skilled and experienced hands!

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