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Trash fights in MMOs

Over the weekend we had two very different experiences of trash fights in MMOs. These packs of weaker opponents are usually placed through a dungeon or other instanced zone to slow progress to the various bosses (the big fights). They … Continue reading

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Pulling me back in …

I’m happily chipping¬†away at the Sharandar campaign in Neverwinter, currently on the second stage set in the Dark Fey Enclave sub-zone. A lot of the progress is limited by daily quests, similar to, for example, the Isle of Thunder main … Continue reading

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Unified launchers spreading

It seems all major MMO developers are jumping on the unified launcher bandwagon. Sony Online Entertainment (SoE) has had a few different launchers of this kind over the years – the LaunchPad for instance. The studios tell us this gives … Continue reading

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Call to Arms and long-term goals

This last weekend was another Call to Arms event in Neverwinter, the Defend the Temple event set in Ebon Downs. I’ve done this skirmish in normal mode but since I took a break soon after launch I’ve not yet seen … Continue reading

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SWTOR: Galactic Strongholds announced

More details about SWTOR’s announced housing expansion have been released this last week, it is called Galactic Strongholds. The original teaser trailer didn’t really give much away. This page does at least start to describe how this might work, although … Continue reading


Wildstar, ESO and story-rich MMORPGs

There are a lot of blog posts analysing Wildstar and Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) at the moment, comparing the two upcoming MMOs and giving very divergent views on each.¬†I said back in January that I suspected for me, personally, this … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: campaigns

I’ve now started the Sharandar Campaign (wiki link with spoilers), the level 60 PVE content pack that came with the Fury of the Feywild expansion. From what I have seen so far the campaign consists of a tree of different … Continue reading

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