Neverwinter: late-game questing

My control wizard character is now level 54 (of 60) and nearing the end of his leveling experience. The leveling curve seems to be pretty flat like in Guild Wars 2. I seem to gain on average two levels a session, so perhaps 1 per 60-90 minutes of gaming. That’s full on questing during such a session although I occasionally mix in a skirmish if the bonus event is on.


I’m tweaking my character’s ability bar a lot more at higher levels as I find I need certain abilities or that other abilities I use as standard are temporarily ineffective. With only two at-will powers, four encounter (wizard’s get an extra over other classes) and two daily powers for a total of eight; having even one poorly chosen ability is a bad idea.


I’m continue to enjoy the storylines although my partner commented recently it can be tough going back to reading walls of descriptive text when compared to the fully voiced missions in SWTOR. The voiceover quality in Neverwinter is often poor compared to SWTOR, but I believe the quality of the writing isn’t the issue. In particular there are some really excellent journal entries which give background details beyond the immediate task at hand. This is certainly miles ahead of Tera’s storylines and quest text, it’s probably the main reason why I’ve happily carried on leveling in Neverwinter whereas I gave up on Tera half-way to the cap.


Giving background info like the example above to a quest-giver is a *really* nice touch. It makes me feel like I’m actually playing a RPG instead of a “combat-simulator with a RPG-lite class system” (which is actually what most MMORPGs are).


I’ve just moved into the Rothé zone – complete with a Drow invasion force and the usual spider cohort. One nice difference from older D&D-inspired games is that Drow seem to lack the dreaded spell resistance they featured in previous incarnations. As a control wizard I breathed a very large sigh of relief to see my spells do not randomly fail on them!

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3 Responses to Neverwinter: late-game questing

  1. pkudude99 says:

    The drow spell resistance was my fear too, but nope, drow are nice and easily controlled. TBH, I thought the Chasm was moderately difficult, but then Rothe Valley was a nice easy interlude before Mt. Hotenow. That zone’s a bear. After that, the Whispering Caverns returned to Rothe Valley-like simplicity… until you get to the Mind Flayer area. Then it all goes to hell again 😉

    Enjoy your fun easy interlude. . . . Can’t wait to see your reaction to Hotenow when you get there :evilgrin:

    • Telwyn says:

      Cool. Chasm was ok, a proper challenge for sure but I generally found it ok since I’m built for CC – the big walking mouth monsters were the worse as they were immune of course.

      • pkudude99 says:

        Yeah, but they also telegraphed their attacks so well it was really just a matter of patience to wear them down. I found that it was the groups with 1 5-section mob, 2 3-section mobs, and then 3 single-section mobs that I hated the most while there.

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