EQ2: a change of content pace

I’ve been trying to tune out the deluge of tweets and posts from Sony Online Entertainment about Everquest Landmark and some random unannounced MMO for Star Wars Galaxies fans.

Thankfully amidst all this stuff I’m not interested in there was a surprise (at least to me) announcement that Everquest 2 will have a significant change of pace for content release in the future. Gone is the tried and tested annual expansion plus three other sizeable updates. According to the news feature the player base generally feels “meh” about this nowadays. So the plan going forward is:

Basically, we’ve decided to release regular improvements every week, then every month we’ll push something cool to you. Beyond that, we’re focusing the rest of our efforts into making great expansions!

There’s more detail in the news post on the Everquest 2 website: source page. I wonder how this will compare to the Living Story fortnightly content releases for Guild Wars 2? The weekly category includes “holiday events, short adventures” which could compare to the mini-story chunks that comes in the Living Story. The monthly content includes, according to the linked post, things like a dungeon revamp or a quest series.

It could be interpreted as meaning that they’ll be focusing more on re-use of existing assets and zones, leaving the new stuff for the annual expansion proper; that may be an incorrect understanding of what they mean on my part. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if they’re telling new stories in old zones.

I’ll look forward to seeing how this actually plays out in reality.

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One Response to EQ2: a change of content pace

  1. bhagpuss says:

    I was in two minds when I read this announcement. The positive reading is “Oh, they’re going to follow GW2’s lead and go for frequent rolling content updates”. The negative is “Well, there are already holidays covering half the year, then there are the city fairs once a month. They can count all those as a box ticked, activate a few Guide quests and the like on the off weeks and they only need to do something new about once every couple of months, if that”.

    I definitely see it as a reduction in resources allocated to EQ2 and if Landmark takes off, which is looking increasingly likely, I would bet EQ2 slips even further out of the limelight. Still, it’s not like it doesn’t already have enough content to last the average player several years…

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