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WoW: Scenarios and what they could have been

I feel that scenarios in World of Warcraft are a somewhat under-utilised system. At present they are trinity-less (no need for tank or healer) mini-dungeons for three characters. Each has a story, and some have a heroic version with harder … Continue reading

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Finding MMO qualities in an offline console game

The UK’s winter continues its wet and grey trend so I’d expect my free time to be almost fully focused on online gaming. As it happens there’s not much beyond my current Neverwinter fix that excites me. I’m waiting on … Continue reading

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Call to Arms again and WoW’s proving grounds

It’s Call to Arms time again in Neverwinter, which means a weekend of repeating the same level-scaled skirmish to try to get some rare loot rewards. This time around I’ve played some bouts of the Orc Assault skirmish with my … Continue reading

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GW2: the fall of the Lion

I’d read online about the coming culmination of the Scarlet storyline and the subsequent destruction of Lion’s Arch as the major city for player characters. This strikes me as sad as I loved the design of the city. I guess … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: late-game questing

My control wizard character is now level 54 (of 60) and nearing the end of his leveling experience. The leveling curve seems to be pretty flat like in Guild Wars 2. I seem to gain on average two levels a … Continue reading

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A weekend of companion juggling

I’ve had a fun weekend of gaming, fitting in a good session of SWTOR and some Neverwinter. In both games I have a collection of companions to juggle while playing. I find I really enjoy having companions to manage, I’m … Continue reading

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Am I too used to fast-leveling now?

[disclaimer: prefacing every sentence with In My Experience or In My Humble Opinion would make this post awful to read, but in essence this is all about my experiences and opinions – many readers may disagree of course] I’ve talked … Continue reading

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