Neverwinter: Call to Arms and Neverdeath bag upgrade

I was somehow completely unaware of the Call to Arms system of periodic bonus events (dev blog from feature’s launch). I noticed a news item about the upcoming Storm the Keep event (link) in my blog feed only a couple of days ago.


I know this skirmish well enough as I’ve done the normal version as I leveled my wizard through the Blackdagger Ruins area. According to this entry there’ll be the chance for extra rewards, such as a swashbuckler companion, I’ll be certain to do some skirmishing on my wizard this weekend. Let’s just hope the RNG gods favour me for once!

Secondly, despite being level 42 now, I’m having to pop back to run through the main quests in the Neverdeath Graveyard. Skipping this zone due to outleveling it meant that I’ve missed out on the second free inventory expansion! My cleric hasn’t quite reached this reward yet, I only realised my wizard had missed out because of this helpful new-player guide on Reddit. I then found this guide via the forums to completing the correct quests; useful if you’re not planning to do the whole zone in its entirety.

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