EQ2: adventures in time

My leveling in the Great Divide zone has been somewhat sporadic. For whatever reason I haven’t found the quests as engaging as the lower zones, possibly it’s just the lack of clarity of what to do next (other than flying around looking for more quest hubs). Thankfully a recent comment reminded me I could do something rather different as a change of pace – Chronomage dailies.


Each city has a trio of NPCs of the Chronomagi faction. One of these gives you a daily quest to go visit an old dungeon and to slay a specific boss as a feat of strength. The idea is that you speak to the Timeless Chronomage (middle above) to set your character level down to an appropriate level for the quest. For example in the latest quest I have done it was level 66 so I set my mentored level to 70.

My time-travelling assassination target of the day...

My time-travelling assassination target of the day…

The mentoring system is far from perfect, given the number of AA points I have and the downwards adjustment of stats and skill strength I’m almost immortal against the creatures I meet. Still it’s fun to walk around slaying with impunity on occasion and if I’m too careless I can get stunned/dazed/slept enough for my health to get dangerously low.


The most challenging aspect of this is the lack of experience at navigating complex and, in some cases, very large dungeon zones looking for a specific monster. Sometimes I have the luxury of time to clear the whole place and explore every nook and cranny. Other times I just want a direct path of destruction to the end-goal. That’s an issue with EQ2 by default as the game lacks maps for a lot of the instanced dungeons.

Clobbering time!

No map available…

I’ve now installed the EQ2Map add-on for the game (download from here), which I hope will give me usable maps for these Chronomage dungeon runs. It certainly improves the quality of the city maps if nothing else!

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    As soon as you said “dungeons don’t have maps” I was gonna suggest EQ2Maps for you, but then you said you’d already found it, so…. good on ya! 😉

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