Finishing off the festivities

Neverwinter – Winter Festival

The last few weeks gaming have been dominated by our daily Neverwinter sessions to save up enough Stars of Fortune from the stargazing activity to buy the Frost Mimic companion. By some spur-of-the-moment logic I decided to run these dailies on my solo character (wizard) and not my duo cleric.


It makes sense in that our duo only needs one mimic and my solo wizard will definitely benefit from this tanky companion if/when I continue to level him. I wasn’t interested in the sled mount or fawn companion so that’s the Simril festival done for this year as far as I’m concerned. It was a fun block of daily grinding, only requiring 30 or so minutes a day for the 18 days needed to obtain the mimic. The Light of Simril festival crafting was also interesting enough coupled with the fishing activity.


I was able to keep my cleric in step with my partner’s wizard by deliberately invoking daily and running a load of leadership crafting missions that gave character XP. The only downside is that our characters have jumped from level 22-ish to level 27, so we’ve leapfrogged a zone’s worth of content doing this one event.

Everquest 2 – festival of Frostfell

I didn’t have that much time for gaming while I was with family so I barely touched the major revamp of the Frostfell Wonderland Village zone (wiki guide for the zone). I did however find time to run the latest quest related to the zone changes (Deepice Mystery). Easy enough over two short sessions, it involves travelling to two higher level zones (the creatures for the quest are near the docks and scale to your level) and then a fair amount of running around the Frostfell zone.


That’s only scratching the surface of the event as there’s so much I hadn’t done from previous years but it was nice to do another excellent festive quest chain in this game!


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