News: SOE plans for new all-game subscription

Bonus post today for breaking news.

The considerable protests from SOE MMO players (EQ2 forums link) over the plans to remove the monthly 500 StationCash stipend for subscribers has led to  clarification posts by Dave Georgeson. He has addressed the concerns but more interestingly also announced that the company plans to replace single-game subscriptions with a new all-game subscription for the same price ($14.99 – link to forum post announcing this). They’ve even taken player feedback and decided to keep the stipend!

That’s interesting news, and a great bargain for current All Access subscribers ($19.99 for all SOE MMOs at present pricing). It’s also good for players who subscribe to one game but who might be interested in more than one of the stable of MMOs in the deal. There some clarification pending for European players who, like me, can play Everquest 2 (or other games) through SOE but who are supposed to play newer games (DCUO, Everquest Next when launched) through ProSieben Sat; the above-linked forum post mentions they have an idea how to accommodate EU players but that it needs working out with PSS.

In any case it’s academic for me as I’m subscribed to WoW at present so no second sub for me. I did subscribe to EQ2 for a while and the benefits were good enough, but this new deal is not so tempting for me as I’m happy enough with my silver level free-to-play account.

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3 Responses to News: SOE plans for new all-game subscription

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  2. pkudude99 says:

    There was a time where I was actively playing 3 SOE games, so even at the $29.99 price point it was a good deal for me. Now it’d be an amazing deal. . . .except I’m not playing any SOE games at all. Perhaps after EQN is out, but until then. . . . nah.

    • Telwyn says:

      Same here, I was going to play Vanguard at one point and briefly played DCUO as well with a friend but really EQ2 is the only game I have any interest in now.

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