Battling the lag monster

This weekend I’ve had a two experiences of battling that most dreaded of monsters in MMORPGs, the lag monster.

In Tera I logged in just to experience the server BAM event on 4th January. It started very late for GMT players so I had no real intention of properly taking part. But I was curious enough to see how the event would play out. I’ve had issues with Tera not performing well on my gaming laptop so it was not a surprise then, surrounded by hundreds of other players and fast spawning BAMs, that things quickly became a slideshow.

Some scary big monsters...

Some scary big monsters…

The game engine has ways of coping with dense player activity – you see other players as indistinct shadows. But that didn’t help me with the monsters, they simply popped into being with an increasing delay as the area became saturated with excited players.

not so scary monster

not so scary monster

I didn’t mind not getting any loot from this, as a level 42 priest my contribution in a raid would have been almost non-existent. But the repeated deaths from BAMs appearing on top of me got tiring pretty quickly. Just going on where the character ‘shadows’ were clustered isn’t enough to stay safe in Tera – BAMs like all monsters can move around a lot during a fight including jumping to the side or charging forwards. That’s especially dangerous if you can’t see them until they’re on top of you…



This floating head monster was particularly impressive although it did one shot me several times.

My second encounter with the lag monster was in LOTRO. I’ve just edged into the Rohan expansion and was working towards getting my first warhorse. I logged back on to the marsh area near Langhold where I’d finished up my last session slaying wurms. As I loaded in a warband quest appeared to slay a wurm called Cinder. Typically while I was waiting for the client to recover from loading in (honestly LOTRO’s client is one of the slowest to load I’ve ever encountered), Cinder promptly teleported over to me and flattened me. The lag was bad enough that I didn’t stand much chance of running away or fighting.


I’ve just now obtained my warhorse and have found that this lag was not an isolated issue as I tried the mounted combat out for the first few quests. It doesn’t bode well for my progress through the Rohan expansions content if I’m going to find the horse-combat extra difficult due to the lag-monster!

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4 Responses to Battling the lag monster

  1. couillon says:

    In LOTRO, you’re not alone in mounted combat lag issues, rubber banding across the landscape is an issue with many players. Fortunately, it is possible to skip all of the mounted combat questing in Rohan and make it to cap, it just limits your number of dailies available to you in Hytbolt and the loot drops from warbands which is a RNG beast in itself.

    • Telwyn says:

      I’ll certainly give it a good go, but the already awkward controls aren’t helped by the weird rubber-banding..

      • couillon says:

        A solution I found was to use a Heavy bridle/steed and just park it and tank/kill mobs. Very doable even for 3 man warbands. That solved my rubber-banding issues. Prior to this I ran with light bridle/steed and was circle strafing targets building fury….and running into lag problems galore.

      • Telwyn says:

        thanks for the tip! I have a heavy bridle as I selected that from the first quest reward without realising there wasn’t a choice of initial mount. I’ll look into getting a tanky horse as well then!

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