2014 gaming thoughts

I’ve written a summary post of my blogging from last year and, like many MMO bloggers, also have some thoughts about the year ahead for my MMO gaming. I believe that 2014 will, for me, be dominated by ‘quality time’ over quantity. Over the holidays I’ve played various games with friends and family and thoroughly enjoyed some shared quality time. Although I mostly stick to playing MMOs, I have revisited Magic the Gathering (both the cards and the Duel of the Planeswalker PS/3 game – official website link) and may well go back to playing the occasional online game with friends in the coming year.

My current gaming mix may need to change a bit: LOTRO and EQ2 are too similar so one of those might have to go on ice for a bit. Neverwinter and Tera are also vying again for my ‘action MMO’ slot on my gaming schedule. Some family members have been looking at playing Tera over Christmas and grouping up for BAM kills or a dungeon or two would be good fun. We also met up with our SWTOR-trio friend over the holidays and I do hope we can get back to our Imperial leveling sessions soon. Finally I’ll still be doing the weekly quests and casual raiding in WoW a few nights a week until I’ve completed the legendary cloak questline.

Beyond the usual games there’s nothing that attractive to me upcoming. My circle of gaming friends aren’t likely to try Wildstar as they’re either hooked on WoW or not interested in subscription MMOs anymore. Likewise TESO, although attractive as an Elder Scrolls game to some friends, has too high a barrier to entry due to the subscription. If anything the one game I’ve never played that might be added to the list in the year to come is The Secret World. Two friends have recently, independently of one another, expressed an interest in trying this out as it’s a free-to-play MMO, although the modern-day/conspiracy/Cthulhu settings isn’t my favourite, I would be willing to give it a try.

In any case, I’ll be interested to follow the news of games, both current favourites and potential new ones, to see how this fascinating industry continues to evolve!

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