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Action combat in MMOs: finding the happy medium

In a recent Massively article on Wildstar the subject of action combat came up with a comparison to action combat in Tera. TERA was often very good about agency. There were several fights that required parties but could be managed … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: storming the castle, again and again

The last few days I’ve done a fair number of runs on the Storm the Castle skirmish, as part of this weekend’s Call to Arms. I’ve actually lost track of the number of times I ran it, probably twenty or … Continue reading

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SoE: MMO killing spree!

So the news broke yesterday (Massively link) that Sony Online Entertainment (home of Everquest, Planetside etc) will be shutting down four of its less popular MMOs. That’s pretty awful news for fans of the titles (Clone Wars Adventures, Free Realms, … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: a first dungeon experience

Earlier in the week a minor miracle happened; I was in the queue for the Throne of Idris and the queue popped early enough in the evening for me to join it. In the past the only two or so … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: Call to Arms and Neverdeath bag upgrade

I was somehow completely unaware of the Call to Arms system of periodic bonus events (dev blog from feature’s launch). I noticed a news item about the upcoming Storm the Keep event (link) in my blog feed only a couple … Continue reading

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SWTOR: Imperial leveling thoughts

The leveling trio for SWTOR Imperial faction has gotten back into stride again of late, we’ve managed to play three times within two weeks. We still suffer from the occasional memory lapse (“Why are we doing this again?”) but overall … Continue reading


Neverwinter: grouping and leveling

My wizard character is now level 35 and the levels and zones seem to be zooming by¬†pretty quickly. Fast leveling pace is pretty much the standard in more modern MMOs so Neverwinter isn’t doing anything unusual here. I’m finding that … Continue reading

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