2013 in review

To end 2013, here’s a quick review of a year’s worth of MMO blogging; highlighting some of the games I’ve played the most and the topics I found most interesting.


Back at the start of the year I was leveling through Rift’s Storm Legion expansion, although I was already having doubts about the pacing of the new expansion and the landmass/content ratio. I was also giving Tera a try before the game went free to play.


In February I was wishing that all games would have the altoholic add-on found in World of Warcraft for easy management of inventory and crafting across an account of characters. I continued my trial of Tera enjoying some pug-grouping.


This month Guild Wars 2 made some arguably anti-small guild changes to the guild system. I was also pondering the arrival of the WoW 5.2 patch and the evolution of daily quest zones.


Looking back at April’s posts I was playing a lot of Everquest 2 and writing about nerdy details in MMO gaming. I also took a moment to think about dragon-slaying in honour of St George.


In May my gaming rotation was shook-up by a return to SWTOR for dark-side temptations and first impressions of the newly launched Neverwinter MMORPG. This game had me thinking about a sense of exploration and the MMOs that have featured traps as obstacles in dungeons.


I continued the SWTOR journey with my bounty hunter this month. We also dipped into Guild Wars 2 for some furry fun. I was contemplating chasing populations across free to play MMOs and a spot of urban questing in EQ2.


In keeping with the summer season, I was thinking about beautiful skies in my post about skybox pleasures. I also snuck into the beta for Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn and posted a few times about my impressions.


The lazy month of August was dominated by server events and public content – in Guild Wars 2 I posted about festivals and portals. Lord of the Rings Online had the Bounder’s Bounty event running as a prelude to the Helm’s Deep expansion. Finally the Timeless Isle was added to WoW as the latest daily zone.


For some reason I was in a reflective mood in September. I posted about my subscription history to different MMOs. I also considered the announced demise of Warhammer Online and getting back to basics in Guild Wars 2.


Heroic characters in EQ2 were the hot topic at the start of the month. We also celebrated the cows in GW2 and I considered loading screens and zone borders in a comparison of different games.


Ahead of time away, I still managed to post about the big news of the month – the announcement of the Warlords of Draenor‘s expansion. Still focused on WoW, I gave Flex-mode raiding a try. I also enjoyed a captivating storyline in LOTRO.


Ending the year I’ve had a revival of playing Neverwinter and finally managed to complete the Zhaitan storyline by running the Arah dungeon in GW2.

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