Bhagpuss on 2014’s MMOs

Bhagpuss over at Inventory Full has a post listing various round-ups of 2014s potential MMO releases. He’s looking forward to EQ Next and also states that EQ Landmark isn’t a substitute until EQ Next launches. I agree with this feeling: I will certainly follow news on EQL and see some reviews but since I definitely do not have the patience or free-time for world building activities I can’t say I have any enthusiasm for it. EQN will be worth a try but there’s not launch date for that yet.

Beyond the Everquest franchise’s future, the post also mentions The Elder Scrolls Online several times. This is perhaps *the* big 2014 game release for many fans of that franchise, but I’m not a particular fan of the franchise at least since Morrowind. The later two games may have massively improved graphics but either the gameplay had evolved away from something that interested me, or perhaps my tastes in games had changed enough for the games to no longer gel with me. In either case I have no real excitement for this game, what does it really offer that my existing pool of games does not offer?

I’m actually thinking 2014 could be a good year for existing games to improve and expand. If Blizzard manage to squeeze Warlords of Draenor into next year then that could stave off me leaving WoW yet again or at least herald a return after only a short hiatus. If Perfect World/Cryptic continue to pump out modules for Neverwinter, especially adding the odd new and interesting class, then I may decide to spend a lot more time in that game also.

Is 2014 a year for new games, or old ones, for you?

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5 Responses to Bhagpuss on 2014’s MMOs

  1. Mekhios says:

    For me the standout releases for 2014 are Wildstar and EQNext. The rest are just filler. Yes I put TESO on the filler list as well. TESO will attract the curious and those who were really attracted to the lore of TES – beyond that I can’t see this appealing to a larger group of players (I will be glad to be proven wrong!).

    World Of Warcraft could be facing it’s biggest gameplay shakeup in 10 years (beyond pet battles and farms) and I am certainly interested in revisiting that universe if this proves true in 2014.

    The 1000 ton gorilla over shadowing everything is – in my opinion – the alpha and beta release of the Star Citizen MMO. I doubt we will see an alpha release of the Star Citizen MMO module until 4Q 2014 but I predict this will be a major event in the MMO genre. This MMO more than anything has gathered a community that is literally throwing mountains of money at Chris Roberts. I suspect many other MMO devs are looking with very focused eyes on what happens with this title. If successful I predict this will change the landscape of how MMO’s are funded.

    • Telwyn says:

      Star Citizen certainly has had an amazing journey so far even at the funding stage. I do wonder whether it will have more of an impact on Eve and (possibly) SWTOR as the ‘competition’. There may be plenty of bored players of fantasy MMORPGs that want something different, something in a space, but I would have thought primarily it’ll be a mostly new audience from the console/standalone space flight-sim genre fans?

      • Mekhios says:

        Good points. EVE does have 10 years of development and of course hundreds of thousands of players who have spent a long time developing characters within that game. I think there will be some crossover though. And there are many players (like myself) who wanted a more visceral feel to their space combat that SWTOR simply did not deliver on. Star Citizen which is being developed at its core as a space simulation and trading MMO will certainly fill that void.

      • Telwyn says:

        If it meets the expectations of the old Elite crowd then it’s probably going to be a hit. My main concern would be if it overemphasizes PVP content. Eve has that nailed already, what would really stand out (especially after SWTOR’s recent starfighter update) would be a space flight sim wtih real PVE gameplay without expecting us to be gank-fodder.

  2. zaphod6502 says:

    Ganking is fun though (I am a pirate in a relatively well known EVE corp). šŸ˜‰

    Of course as long as there is choice players of all gameplay types should be satisfied. Even EVE offers highsec havens for carebear players.

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