NW: Aerial goblin hijinks

Yesterday in Neverwinter we duo’ed an excellent Foundry module called The Green Zone (NW-DP66H66F6, @Sintered). This module certainly shows off what the Foundry system can produce mixing humour, exploration, action and a jumping puzzle Guild Wars 2 would be proud of!


Said jumping puzzle is the first challenge of several in this quest. Failing to time jumps means a possible death, one time I fell into deeper water and survived just, another time I died and had to revive and use an injury kit to remove the resulting wound.

This section works very well, and has some challenging encounters. In a game where you generally move a lot during fights, finding yourself on a narrow disc-shaped platform or even a thin chain whilst fighting adds a new dimension to combat! The jumping itself takes some getting used to I found, not due to any fault in the design or placement of the platforms, but more because I’ve not yet done any content in the game that requires such careful jumping. Overall I found Neverwinter’s engine to be less forgiving that
Guild Wars 2 regarding jumping, a narrow miss is always a miss here whereas sometimes in GW2 you can get away with just clipping the edge of the other side.


After the jumping section there followed two more sections of more traditional, grounded content. The graphics throughout were impressive, and the dialogue short but snappy. There was plenty of humour in the goblin’s tendency to abbreviate everything as well.

I’ll not discuss the last stage of the quest to avoid major spoilers but I will heartily recommend this as a somewhat different Foundry mission to attempt if you’ve not already done so! On a broader note, I’m impressed that the game can offer such an action-oriented quest even if jumping puzzles aren’t really my cup of tea.

P.S. It appears Neverwinter has a lovely screenshot bug similar to SWTOR – all of the screenshots I thought I’d taken while running this were not actually taken. So I popped back in on an alt just to grab a few early pictures but can’t do this quest’s design justice in time for publishing this post. <sigh>

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