FFXIV: A Realm Awoken (2.1) patch trailer

I’ve just watched the patch trailer for 2.1 for Final Fantasy XIV, and it was impressive enough for me to want to talk about it briefly here (Youtube link). The video lasts a substantial ten minutes so for the impatient it highlights:

  • New dungeons and harder modes for existing dungeons,
  • New PVE content including “main scenario quests” (the epic plot you follow as you level) and new zones (Beast Tribe quests are explicitly mentioned),
  • Player housing,
  • ‘Treasure Hunts’, which look to be a map-following exercise followed by the chance of a fight – the video shows a trio of adventurers doing this, I wonder if they’ll be soloable as well?

It all looks pretty good, almost enough for me to want to re-subscribe, but I don’t feel I can justify the sub at the moment as I won’t get to play the game enough. I am glad, however, that the game seems to be growing and improving as it would be a fun game to return to at some point next year.

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