A 30 minute side-activity

I’m feeling like I need a gap filler activity in one of my games as something to do for the odd quick session that’s not too involved. I want this to be the counterpoint to sitting down for three hours for flexi-mode raiding.

At present there are two main contenders for this slot:


The Neverwinter game is actually very good for quick burst play. I wrote a while ago about both the skirmish system and the foundry system. Skirmishes are designed to last about 15 mins with the random group you’re placed into. Foundry mission can be completed grouped or solo as long as you read the description and pick one that’s suitable.

Skirmish time

Skirmish time

There are a few factors affecting what you might choose to do though as sometimes in-game there will be ‘events’ or promoted activities that offer boosted XP and rewards – so if skirmishes happen to be an event when you’re logged in there’ll be a lot more people queuing for them. There’s also a daily foundry quest that rewards rough astral diamonds if you have time. I quite like the idea of doing a foundry for the daily as there are literally hundreds of player-designed dungeons to choose from as potential quests – even if only a small percentage are any good at least there’s the chance of a more involved story than your average daily quest. The game also has a big advantage as a ‘drop-in’ game as it loads so much quicker than say LOTRO or EQ2.

How about a slice of foundry, sir?

How about a slice of foundry, sir?

WoW pet battles

Another alternative for a side-activity would be pet battles in World of Warcraft. I’m late to the party on this one but I’ve spent some time yesterday getting started on my druid. There are some synergies here – with his druid flight-form I can easily whizz around zones finding new critters to battle, returning to get my pets healed and moving between the trainers for the quests.


There’s also the point that this character is my old main, one that I do love, but don’t love to play anymore after so many class changes. Pet battling may offer a way to boost him towards the level cap of 90 without having to endure the pain of playing him in normal quest content. That’s gotta be worth a try, although I’m not convinced I’ll enjoy pokéWoW enough to keep at it for long.


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  1. tsuhelm says:

    OK I missed something…Neverwinter has player-designed dungeons?…the old GM dungeon builder fanatic inside me just woke up….More info please….(OK I will go and do some digging too:))

    • Telwyn says:

      Oh that’s probably *the* saving grace for the game! Otherwise it’s another typical Cryptic free to play offering lacking depth of content or gameplay. But the forge player content tool has such possibilities in the long term…

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