WoW: recent raid finder experiences

I’ve been dragged, only semi-reluctantly, into some raid finder runs in WoW since my return to the game. Gearing my character using the random drops on the Timeless Isle wasn’t such a hard task, but my main goal at present is to earn the legendary cloak from the Black Prince quest chain (WoWHead guide). This is a pretty long set of quests involving several token collection stages, which involves repeated runs on different raids. The quickest way to do this by far it seems is to use the random-group raid finder system.


So we’ve been running different wings of Throne of Thunder so far. The loot drops for the bosses in this raid are barely better than the random gear found on the island (ilevel 502 compared to ilevel 496 on the island) so I’m not going to be massively improving my armour doing these raids. The purpose though is to collect Sigils of Wisdom and Power for the Prince.


In one weekend we managed to complete a run of all four sections. But that wasn’t enough to earn all twenty sigils needed (10 of each type – WoWHead link), so I guess we’ll be running at least part four again a time or two more. According to my WoW guru partner the last boss is guaranteed to drop one of these sigils so that section is the best to repeat now.

Somehow I never imagined myself willingly running raid finder, I do find the random grouping experience pretty distasteful compared to guild-runs in Flex-mode. But since I game to relax more than to be challenged raid finder is at least sometimes a better fit for me as even Flex-mode can be too much if I’ve had a hard day at work. Tuning out the random rudeness and arguments in raid chat when there’s a wipe is something I’m learning to deal with but at least the mechanics aren’t so unforgiving of newbies. One apparent benefit of playing this content relatively late compared to most is that the majority of players do seem to have learned the mechanics of the boss fights, that makes for fewer wipes and less reasons for arguments and chat-channel bickering.

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4 Responses to WoW: recent raid finder experiences

  1. Beetle says:

    Well, it swings both ways. Usually the LFR experience is a very silent one, but on occasion there are very vocal toxic people there. These are usually the ones you remember the best. And are the ones that can dominate and ruin an evening of LFR.

    I usually have Spotify on when I do my LFR (also still doing the sigil thing on my Hunter atm), and I pretty much ignore chat. Except when people start bitching to the tanks … I can’t stand that. If there ever is a ‘Leave the tanks alone’ facebook page, I would promote that :-).

    • Telwyn says:

      We did have the one ‘ragewipe’ where someone didn’t take criticism too well and pulled the boss just to wipe the raid but otherwise it wasn’t so bad.

  2. Balkoth says:

    You can also do MSV/HoF/ToES for sigils — and you can often find PUG groups for normal mode on OpenRaid for those.

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