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Happy New Year!

I’ll be busy with visitors over the next few days so here’s just a quick post to wish everyone well for the New Year. Wishing all of you the very best in gaming and in real life for 2014! I … Continue reading

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Consumables to Win

It’s notable in Neverwinter the role that consumable items, especially healing potions, have on game play and your chance of success. I recently did the ‘artifact’ quest on my Control Wizard solo and it was beyond tough. I’d already outlevelled … Continue reading

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2013 in review

To end 2013, here’s a quick review of a year’s worth of MMO blogging; highlighting some of the games I’ve played the most and the topics I found most interesting. January Back at the start of the year I was … Continue reading

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GW2: dungeons revisited, it’s Arah time!

Christmas Eve for me featured a dungeon run with my friends and family guild to the Ruined City of Arah (wiki link). This is the last of the original dungeons that were in-game at launch. It’s the culmination of the … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

A quick post to say Happy Holidays to all my readers. It’s that time of year for me where gaming is sporadic and mainly focused around playing with family members. As with previous years I would like to delve much … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: the new festival on the block

Cryptic’s Neverwinter has added a winter festival, the Lights of Simril, to the game running from the 19th Dec – at time of writing the in-game counter says there are twenty days left. The festival includes four main activities (Fishing, … Continue reading

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LOTRO: playing through the (session-play) motions

Lord of the Rings Online characters mostly play through a unique series of stories created by Turbine to shadow or parallel the events of the books. We get to see the Frodo and the other members of the Fellowship of … Continue reading

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