Patch, patch, patch!

Coming back from two weeks away, on a day that happens to be the last in a month means we have lots of unused bandwidth limit on our fibre Internet connection (we receive 40 GB a month on our cheap monthly package). We could, of course, upgrade our package to have unlimited bandwidth but then we do not stream or download TV or Movies that often so having more than 40 GB seems like an unnecessary luxury.


It just so happens that I missed the launches of LOTRO’s Helm’s Deep expansion and Everquest 2’s Tears of Veshaan expansion (that launched just before I flew but I didn’t have time to play since). So today will mostly consist of patching MMOs to avoid taking up December’s bandwidth needlessly.

Besides the bandwidth issue I’m also limited on game choices due to the need to patch up before playing, streaming patchers (like that of EQ2) allow you into the game but the playing experience is often pretty painful while the patch occurs in the background. So I’m stuck with only World of Warcraft to play for at least some of today. The advantage to me playing multiple games is that usually one of them doesn’t need patching!

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