Changing down a gear

As time moves further into the academic year I’m having to reprioritise my free time again. For the foreseeable future I’m going to try posting every other day instead of daily, I simply need to spend more time doing research at the moment.

I’ve no time to dip into EQ2 to see the new patch at the moment, and will miss the launch of the LOTRO expansion due to another AFK period, so my views on those two releases will have to wait till December.

I’ll also continue to play one or two sessions of WoW a week to have a go at flex-mode raiding in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. So far I’ve only seen wing one and a bit of two because of missing nights, I look forward to seeing the later parts as well. Alongside WoW I’m still hoping to play some LOTRO and some EQ2 so I guess for now the games I’m most likely to be dropping are GW2 and SWTOR. Perhaps I’ll get to come back to them again in 2014.

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