LOTRO: time to spend those Bounder Tokens!

Time is running out to spend the Bounder’s Bounty Tokens that have been dropping for the last few months in LOTRO. The vendors will vanish on the launch day of the Helm’s Deep expansion: 18th November (source: wiki post), and any tokens remaining will be converted to normal skirmish marks. Since I’ll not be able to play again before that date I thought I’d better get all my tokens spent ASAP!

It's barter time

It’s barter time

I’ve not played the game that intensively this summer, leveling a fair amount on my champion but not dipping into the festivals – which seem to have been the most lucrative means to obtain the Bounder’s Tokens. I’ve bought the following items on two different characters:

Champion (level 72)

  • Landscape Soldier Tokens – in total about ten of these although I’ve used one already.
  • Stout Bounder’s Necklace – I had some tokens left and this character doesn’t need the bonus XP pocket item as it stops working at level 74, so I bought him a level 85 necklace as a future item upgrade.

Minstrel (level 23)

  • Outrider’s Token – this bonus XP item will benefit my second character to level a great deal. Outleveling content seems to be a fact of MMORPG gameplay these days and the reduction in rested XP in the game makes having an item like this less ‘cheating’ and more ‘saving on Turbine Points’.
  • Another couple of Landscape Soldier Tokens to use the last few points up.

So nothing that exciting really, there were a whole slew of house items to get but then I haven’t as yet started a house in LOTRO, I’ll wait for the eventual revamp of that system before setting up home in Middle Earth.

What did you buy from the Bounder’s Bounty event if anything?

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One Response to LOTRO: time to spend those Bounder Tokens!

  1. tsuhelm says:

    I have to admit to being disappointed at this event…started so well and ended up ignored by Turbine…yes was attached to festivals but not in any significant way…a ‘token gesture’ only!

    On my Captain on Landroval I had committed to deed3 when bags were falling all over the place…so I ended up spending my huge stash of 1150 tokens on 5TP and a title ‘Bountiful Bounder’! With the change I got a Landscape Soldier token…

    Tsuhelm and My hobbit present opening alts on other servers will be getting landscape tokens and crafting XP scrolls…big Bounders Bags are still dropping from presents so will leave right to the end!

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