EQ2: public quests success

Last week I squeezed in a third attempt at a public quest in the Velious area and had some success this time, unlike take two. This time I followed advice of Bhagpuss and went for the Echoes of the Ring War PQ (wiki link) instead.


The fight was simple, following a checklist of kills of ghostly orcish invaders.


The end result this time was a chest with some nice items in, no bugs to be found. There was only one other player in the PQ at the time so it didn’t scale up beyond basic mobs and some giants to slay, hence the reward chest was equally modest in size.


I’ve seen what the system offers, but given the lack of interest among other players it’ll be more rewarding to stick to questing in future.

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    You’ve put your finger on the problem with PQ’s in general and EQ2’s version in particular. When that content was new, there was a queue for it 24/7 on Freeport. From memory I think it runs once every two hours and if you wanted to be in the main “raid” you needed to be in the zone a good fifteen minutes before it started because the zone would hit its limit and spawn a second instance, something you wanted to avoid because as you point out both the event and the reward scales according to the number of people present.

    The rewards for the full Raid version were very nice at the time and people ran it repeatedly to get certain items. I remember getting a very nice sword but of course, like all EQ2items, it only remained very nice for a short while and now i can’t even remember what it looked like!

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