WoW: Day of the Dead pet

Yesterday we quickly logged into WoW to snag the new, now permanent, Day of the Dead pet.


By chance I’d been reading about this Mexican festival earlier in the week looking for inspiration for something to take to a party. Although time didn’t allow me to make any, I did fancy giving pan de muerto a go another year (link to Google images; there are recipes all over the web).

Yet as it happens I ended up making some in the virtual world of Azeroth as part of the pet quest.

The magic of simplified MMO cooking...

The magic of simplified MMO cooking…

The quest shown above was actually rather obscure, not in its complexity, but in the lack of clear instructions of what we needed to do and *where* we needed to do it. The quest text is badly written and doesn’t explain all the steps needed to get the quest, I guess it’s an example of un-streamlined old-school quests that expected you to guess or “go look on ZAM”.  There’s also a few complexities based on the newer races:

Worgens need to go to Darnassus and Goblins need to go to Orgrimmar. For Pandarens, it looks as if only a Neutral graveyard will work. (source: IcyVeins)

So my partner’s pandaren monk had to go to Dalaran. I chose for my Drenai shaman to go back back to his beginnings at the Exodar (and typically even there the graveyard isn’t at the city, it’s south of Azure Watch!).

Suddenly it's 2008 again...

Suddenly it’s 2008 again…

I’m not a big pet collector in the game, but I do love all things Mexican (or Mexican-inspired) so I had to snag one of these pets while I could.


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