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Patch, patch, patch!

Coming back from two weeks away, on a day that happens to be the last in a month means we have lots of unused bandwidth limit on our fibre Internet connection (we receive 40 GB a month on our cheap … Continue reading

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FFXIV and raiding

Keen has a post up categorising Final Fantasy 14 as a ‘3 monther’ – an MMO destined to only retain the majority of its casual players for a short period. I played the game again for a few weeks while … Continue reading


Modern sensibilities in a fantasy MMORPG

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft again for a number of weeks now and for the most part enjoying being immersed in Blizzard’s bright and colourful fantasy world. Since I started writing this blog, there have been a few notable … Continue reading

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Allods: class change tokens for sale, by auction…

Allods is a game I will read news on despite not ever intending to go back to it. I played with friends in the open beta phase before the outrageous cash shop destroyed most of the community goodwill for this … Continue reading

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LOTRO: a captivating storyline

Warning: this post has spoilers for the Isenguard epic quests, please skip it if you haven’t ever played through the level 65-75 content!

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Tobold on achievers as the majority

Tobold had an interesting blog post recently about whether achievers, as a Bartle-coined sub-group of gamers, are the majority of gamers these days and whether this is reflected in the evolution of MMO gaming design. His conclusion is an interesting … Continue reading

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Changing down a gear

As time moves further into the academic year I’m having to reprioritise my free time again. For the foreseeable future I’m going to try posting every other day instead of daily, I simply need to spend more time doing research … Continue reading

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