Multiple capped characters

Playing over the weekend with family it was mentioned that some of them have multiple capped characters in WoW (level 90). I have one shaman at the cap and three more characters around level 85, which was the cap in the previous Cataclysm expansion. It’s probably just a reflection of the sheer number of years that I have played WoW that I’ve gotten this far, in other games I’ve barely managed one capped character, if that (one for GW2, SWTOR and Rift – in the latter two cases I haven’t ‘recapped’ characters when expansions increased the cap).

Cuillon of MMO Gumbo had a post recently on having four capped characters in LOTRO; I can’t even imagine the time investment to get this far in LOTRO as I don’t even have one near the cap yet. Yet I can happily contemplate having multiple capped characters in WoW again, a strange quirk of my greater familiarity with the later game?

Leveling the first character in a game is exciting as everything is new and yet to be discovered. But leveling can also seem like an impossible climb – I remember feeling this with my druid in WoW, when I started the cap was level 70. At the time most of the players in the guild had multiple capped characters already, so coming in as a total newbie, needing to climb to the heady heights of level 70 seemed a very long way to go.


I’ve just dinged level 70 on my main in LOTRO, so still 15 levels to go and that’s before the impending cap rise to 95. Maybe it’ll all seem less daunting when I’ve made it to the end on my first character…

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4 Responses to Multiple capped characters

  1. tsuhelm says:

    Nice ding pic 🙂

  2. Meznir says:

    Well back in TBC it took moths to get to 70. I think it took me about 6 months. Now you can do it in a day, maybe two.

    A lot of that time was spent running back and forth though, so although it gives me a sour taste that it’s no effort any more, I wouldn’t wish the experience of questing in Wetlands back then on anyone. Such massive distances to run – and on foot as you didn’t get a mount till 40. And don’t remind me of the number of Murlocks I fought there to level my Lock-picking!

    I still think levelling is way too fast now though in wow.

    • Jonny 5iVe says:

      I think you’re right about the leveling speed in WoW nowadays.

      But then it’s all about reducing the barrier of entry for new players. Retaining subs, making cash, all that jazz…

      One thing I do ~really~ miss about end game in WoW though, is that they removed attunements. It’s a wise move to lower or remove the barrier of entry, but to remove pretty much every barrier in the game, and open up all content to all people from literally the get go is a bit of a mistake I think.

      I remember doing Kara with my guild, running through Caverns of Time: The Black Morass with people over and over until we all had our keys, and then spent the next month gradually getting further and further up the impressive tower.

      What do you do now?

      Click a button on your UI.
      Select your role.
      Pick whichever raid you want.
      Wait for a bit.
      Get teleported there.
      Kill things in silence for a couple of hours.
      Teleport back out.

      Not really as epic… Not really epic at all.

      Blizzard have totally forgotten that the journey can often be more exciting than the destination.

      Oh well.

  3. couillon says:

    Ahh, I always miss my dings lol….oh, and thanks for the ping back! I’ve been playing LOTRO on/off since the Mines of Moria expansion (2008) so that’s a large bank of time where I invested here and there as time allowed to get those guys to level cap…eventually….only to be hit with expansion and level increase, gasp.

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