‘Molo’ LOTRO-style

Questing in LOTRO, I came across a quest to slay a giant lizard called Bloodmaw.  As it happens the quest does offer the opportunity for a Dunlending called Gwin to help you kill the beast – but if I couldn’t survive its damage his extra damage would be of little use. I advertised in the regional chat to ask for a group but there was no interest.


Looking at the red border and eye (an elite monster), I knew this would be tough to solo if not impossible. So I chose to give the “soldier on landscape” option a go. LOTRO has had the skirmish system, with NPC soldiers you can  level and customise, since the release of the Mirkwood expansion. More recently the ability to summon these soldiers out in the open world (‘on landscape‘) was added to the Turbine store.


For my champion this means having a herbalist, healer companion if I ever need it. With my champion in his tanking stance, glory, and a healer even a tough group fight like this becomes much easier to solo.


This is the LOTRO equivalent of the mercenary+solo (a.k.a molo) playstyle from Everquest 2. The only real difference is the need to pay for the mercenary’s time in Turbine points, I have my monthly stipend as a lifetime-subscriber to cover the occasional use of this, but it would become expensive to have your soldier as a constant companion!

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  1. tsuhelm says:

    I use my Archer skirmish soldier seldomly…ie only for tough content or elites like you, otherwise it really does make you overpowered! At the moment you can exchange bounder’s tokens for landscape soldier tokens…huge saving of TP…

    ASIDE: ‘Molo’ is hello in Xhosa (http://wikitravel.org/en/Xhosa_phrasebook)

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