WoW: exploring Pandaria’s history

Yesterday evening was spent playing WoW with visiting family. We wanted to do something a bit different and so decided to go chase lore objects across Pandaria. These giant scrolls come in various series, each scattered across a particular zone. Collecting all in a series gives you an achievement.


We formed an odd trio, my level 85 druid and two already capped level 90 characters. This meant I didn’t have much to offer where fighting was needed to reach a lore object. I also cannot fly in Pandaria, so had to hitch a lift on the back of my partner’s dragon-mount.


But it was still fun as I could rotate my screen independently as we flew around and I could still be an extra ‘pair of eyes’ for spotting the dim glow of a lore scroll.

The stories in these lore objects are of an excellent standard. Whatever criticisms you might wish to level at Blizzard for the game’s development, I would suggest that the general quality of the storytelling remains excellent and certainly the lore object texts are very well written. Beyond the achievements these texts are pure ‘fluff’, they give you a sense of the continent and its history but add nothing much to gameplay. Well worth the time to collect and read if you want a break from slaying and looting!


As a bonus, since it is the in-game Hallowe’en event at present, we also visited all the inns on the continent to get the bonus experience from the candy buckets – each gives a small XP boost and a few festive items. Sadly I wasn’t able to get one of them in Kun-Lai because of the heavy story phasing, that’ll have to wait till next year when my character is high enough to have unlocked that inn.


The lore objects also unlock changes in the Seat of Knowledge. This phased zone, like the farm, is developed per character. Completing the lore object collections at level 90 will unlock the stories you have pieced together in the form of scrolls on the shelves of this Pandaren library. Again like the farm, the Seat of Knowledge is sort of ‘housing-lite’. It actually fulfills one of the main reasons I like housing in a MMO – displaying mementos of your characters achievements! Now I just need to get my druid to level 90 so he can actually hand in the quests to display all the stories…

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  1. Alxyz says:

    When I select a game to play, it always comes down to the lore. The better it’s written, the better the “game immersion” is. WoW never failed me on the “lore” subject so far, and I don’t think it will do this anytime soon. I’m sure it was very cool to do the lore-hunt 😀

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