EQ2: public quests take 2

While questing on my shadowknight I came across a public quest. I’d experienced SoE’s version of open group content back when the Destiny of Velious expansion was new and people were running the low level public quest outside Freeport.

The quest in question is in the Great Divide area near the Coldain city of Thurgadin. The valley is the site for a neverending war between the Coldain dwarves and the Order of Rime cultists (PQ wiki link). Flying backward and forward on quest errands I noticed the timer for guarding a set of NPCs near a gate. I flew down a few times and helped destroy a group of attacking cultists. I even stood there for about 20 minutes and ‘farmed’ the cultists for some easy experience, this was at the ‘1 hour left’ stage on the PQ.


Coming back much later when the timer was due to end, say 15 minutes before the end I found a small group of higher level players killing the creatures. So I joined in again, or at least tried to. But there’s the problem, as a melee character with some area attacks and a couple of ranged spells, I found it very difficult to even ‘tag’ a creature before it was dead. Still I did get hits in on a good number of the enemies and did my best during those last 15 minutes.

Joining a small posse of adventurers

Joining a small posse of adventurers

Then the event ended and nothing happened. No bonus experience, no chest; nothing other than the even resetting to the start. Hmmm, that was a bit of an anti-climax! Puzzled I checked out the EQ2 wikia entry on public quests and found this little gem:

 Only players who have contributed enough to the fights (including abilities such as buffing/healing other participants) will be rewarded.

This system sounds standard enough – eminently sensible to discourage ‘afk-farming’ of these events. But in Everquest 2, with the AA system power distortions, can I expect to do enough damage to count on any reward if some level capped and max-AA characters are there?

I think I’ll try at least once more, perhaps there’s a silent agreement amongst vets to turn up X minutes before the end to farm the event? Perhaps there was even a raid group I didn’t know about – the players were not all from the same guild so I didn’t even think to ask for an invite. The quest might have been bugged as well, we fought endless waves of standard mobs (mostly in pairs) but the quest goals never changed from defending the Siege Marshall and no bosses or more difficult creatures attacked us.

I love the concept of public quests as an alternative (not replacement) to questing. But I do not want to spend lots of time fighting to get a hit in on mobs if I’m likely to miss out completely on the rewards…


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  1. bhagpuss says:

    Even when this content was new, that particular PQ didn’t attract much of a critical mass. SOE really never followed through on the PQ concept (what a surprise…) but when it was going strong the one that spawned extra instances of the zone reliably was the one by the Coldain War Remnants, over on the other side of Great Divide.

    I did that one a lot for a few weeks and got some very nice for the level loot. Eventually attendance tailed off and it ceased to be worth it. The reward you get depends not only on your contribution but also on the number of people present. If you get enough people it turns into a full raid and you get loot that matches.

    I’d guess that with ll the new 85s the Coldain War PQ might be worth doing again. It was always fun if enough people turned up.

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