EQ2: Nights of the Dead

I’ve participated, albeit briefly, in Everquest 2’s Nights of the Dead festival in previous years. This annual event sees goblins and ghostly apparitions appearing in the various cities to advertise the festivities and to entice you to complete ghoulish quests.


The scaling instances, like the haunted mansion depicted above, offer good experience and a chance for some good loot and housing items for a character of pretty much any level.


I’ve barely scratched the surface of this event though, knowing where quests start is part of the challenge since the world is so large and there are so many general quests around that I haven’t completed. The achievement list, hidden away behind the quest log window gives a clue that I’ve got a lot more to do still. The quests are just one element to this, there’s also household items to craft, cooking items to make and ghost hunts to take part in.


I have three weeks almost to focus on getting some more of this event done. This character, my newly upgraded level 85 Shadowknight, is a blank slate where such seasonal events are concerned. The happy coincidence is that he’ll feel at home having his new, and rather sparsely furnished house decked out in some rather ghoulish themed rewards…

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