WoW: alt-friendly again

The numerous and harsh reputation grinds present in the Mists of Pandaria expansion were heralded as having made the game very alt-unfriendly. Subsequent content patches have addressed this issue through new factions that are more closely tied to the ongoing expansion main story and that offer significantly shortened upgrade paths for newer characters.

The latest content, the Timeless Isle, has a particular impact on alt play. The various chests and random monster loot  have a chance for purple drops of a specific armour type (cloth, leather, mail or plate). Using the token item will convert it into a piece of armour with stats suitable to your current loot specialisation (a neat system to allow you to gear up for a second character build while playing the other). The unconverted item tokens are account-bound so you can mail  unusable or duplicate items to any of your alt characters, Alliance or Horde.


Chest may contain purples

It’s all based in the good old random number generator, of course, in the best MMO tradition. So I now have a near full set of item tokens for my Horde priest, my Alliance druid and paladin (all level 85). I’m still only half way through collecting items for my actual capped character (a shaman)!

Ship-zerg incoming!!!!

Ship-zerg incoming!!!!

I’ll post on the content of the island when I’ve played more, but so far it seems edging towards Guild Wars 2 style open, public content in a very positive way…

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