Azerothian Christmas

For many years now I have associated playing World of Warcraft with the Christmas holidays. Christmas time means family first and foremost, traveling up to see my parents, siblings and the extended family. It just so happens that quite a few years ago I introduced some of my relatives to World of Warcraft and they, unlike me, have been playing it ever since.


Day times will be focused on other things – sumptuous meals, music, Wii party games or (weather permitting) post-lunch walks. But by evening, after the extended family has said their goodbyes, it will be time for a small group of us to retire to LAN-party-style game sessions in Azeroth.

I’ve re-subscribed to WoW again to give the newish Timeless Island (WoWpedia article) a review and, if time permits, to get my paladin-tank leveled ready for Christmas so we have all trinity roles covered multiple ways. I suspect we’ll mostly be doing scenarios since 5-man dungeons have been abandoned by Blizzard now. But we could also drag some alts through the Isle of Thunder and/or Timeless Island together so there are options.

For years now I have been unhappy with the development direction of this game. It has been for quite a while ‘fashionable’ to hate on WoW amongst blogs and gaming-forums. However the fact remains it remains a fun game to play with friends, the essential core for what an online game should be. Liore of Herding Cats has a recent blog post about this, and I concur wholeheartedly.

At Christmas I could sit in a corner grumbling to myself about class nerfs and the loss of talent trees, or I can be in Azeroth slaying Internet dragons with close family and friends; which sounds more fun to you?

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  1. Mekhios says:

    There is no doubt that WoW has been dumbed down to oblivion but by the same token it still makes an excellent social game to have fun times together. So +1 to enjoying WoW with friends and family. 🙂

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