Back to (gaming) normality

After ten days away working very long hours I’m really looking forward to some down-time. Gaming for me has long been an escape from the stresses and responsibilities of work. MMORPGs are particularly well suited to this as they are vaguely ‘social’ and allow you to share said enjoyment with friends.

So I’ll be very happy to get back to gaming and blogging now that I’m back. I have a over eighty blog posts to at least skim through from my reading list as well. From what I’ve seen of the title list I don’t seem to have missed any earth-shattering news however while I was away and in gaming-news-limbo.

Has anything big happened since the 9th October?


Darn it, just after posting this I read on Massively that SoE have announced that ProSiebenSat will *not* be running EQ Landmark for Euro customers, i.e. SoE will run it for everyone globally. Now Landmark isn’t really that exciting to me, but even the merest possibility that EQ Next might also end up staying in SoE hands could bring that game onto my ‘possible future game’ list again.

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3 Responses to Back to (gaming) normality

  1. Mekhios says:

    “Has anything big happened since the 9th October?”

    Yes more Star Citizen ships were released for sale. πŸ™‚

  2. bhagpuss says:

    Just posted about the EQLandmark news. It’s a crack in the wall, at least. Can only be good news.

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