GW2: let us celebrate the cows

My last few Guild Wars 2 sessions were on our Charr leveling duo – my necro and my partner’s guardian. We’ve gotten these up to the low 20s now and are moving into the second Charr zone, Diessa Plateau.



However much I love my asura mesmer, I have to say I’m very taken by both the Charr race and the necromancer’s survival oriented playstyle. The Charr physical animations and a delight to watch, you literally bound around like a crazy feline. I really like the Sarnak race in EQ2 for the same reason – these races retain something inhuman about their being; they’re not just humans with an animal head stuck on top (like similar races in SWTOR or Star Trek Online).

Good posture ... for a Sarnak

Good posture … for a Sarnak

Anyway, Diessa Plateau it seems is chock full of cow jokes. It’s liberally dotted with references to the Charr love of beef and of their life alongside their herds.


This isn’t the only musical NPC you find in Tyria, there’s actually quite a few. In particular the Dredge ‘work song’ is a wonderful little hidden gem (no further clues from me, go find it if you haven’t already!).


Other bovine-themed features of the zone include the Cattlepult (pictured above) and a ghost cows invasion .


For LOTRO fans, there’s even a ‘session-play’ event (LOTRO wiki explanation of this term) where you can play as a cow! When you have zones like this, how can Charr be the least popular race according to ArenaNet’s stats?

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4 Responses to GW2: let us celebrate the cows

  1. coppertopper says:

    I know it’s been said before but mainly it’s because Charr movement appears to be slower then smaller races. Just an illusion as all races move at the same speed but the appearance of moving slower turns a lot of people off.

  2. bhagpuss says:

    Great post! I had it in mind for ages to write about the Charr obsession with cows and cow meat but I never got round to it. It’s simultaneously logical and surreal. As sentient big cats of course they’d want to farm cattle but do they need to be so weird about it? Have you run into the farm where they’re training the cows in Charr combat techniques? That place goes right past surrealism and camps at Dada.

  3. kiantremayne says:

    I’m a barbecue, beer and whisky kind of guy in real life – GW2 had me at Meatoberfest πŸ™‚

    As fore musical NPCs – Penzan Pirates. First time I’ve ever seen a Gilbert & Sullivan reference in an MMO. Classy πŸ™‚

    • Telwyn says:

      @Bhagpuss, haven’t seen the cow combat training yet. Looking forward to it – these zones really remind me why exploration as an in-game activity is so well rewarded in GW2.

      @Kiantremayne, hmm, I think I might have seen the Pirates but didn’t get the reference! Shame on me πŸ™‚

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