MMO recommendations and Syp’s list

Syp of Bio Break had an interesting post on which MMOs a straw poll saw recommended by reader’s of his Massively column. The ranking is interested, even if the sample size is too small for it to be representative:

  1. The Secret World (28 mentions)
  2. EVE Online (19)
  3. Guild Wars 2 (15)
  4. Lord of the Rings Online (12)
  5. Star Wars: The Old Republic (12)
  6. RIFT (11)
  7. World of Warcraft (10)
  8. Star Trek Online (9)
  9. Final Fantasy XIV (6)
  10. Age of Conan (5)

I wondered at first if the high-ranking of Guild Wars 2, LOTRO and SWTOR represents the fanbase of those Intellectual Properties (game series in Guild Wars’ case). But Rift is doing well with no history of previous games, films, novels or anything else set in Telara. Eve likewise started when the game launched even if the lore has been fleshed out since. The Secret World up at the top of this list is likewise a new IP.

Secondly I asked myself whether this just depicts the tastes of Massively’s readership, after all they have columns for LOTRO, Guild Wars 2, SWTOR etc. That said Everquest 2 has a regular article (Tattered Notebook) on Massively and that didn’t make the top 10. Fallen Earth and Tera have also received moderate coverage on the site and they rank even fewer recommendations.

I find the broader question of MMO recommendations interesting because I’ve certain ‘recruited’ friends into MMOs that I started playing, and I myself started on MMOs due to a friend persuading me to try WoW back in 2007. I’ve also been joined in-game by family members and their friends at different points over the years. So I do think, even at a time when online gaming is immensely popular (not just MMOs but Facebook games, Steam, consoles etc), somehow word-of-mouth still has a resonance.

Do you take recommendations on new games from friends? Do you try and drag friends into whatever new game you’ve picked up?

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3 Responses to MMO recommendations and Syp’s list

  1. Shintar says:

    Word of mouth definitely matters: pretty much every MMO I’ve ever tried came, if not with a glowing recommendation, then at least with the promise that someone I know is playing or was going to play it with me. However, whether I then stick around for the long term depends more on the merits of the game itself and its community (since I’m used to outlasting my friends’ interest).

  2. seth says:

    I don’t follow recommendations very often, but I ALWAYS try to drag people into new games. In the last month or so I got my roommate started on FF14 and my brother on TSW… and then they both out-leveled me.

  3. pkudude99 says:

    I take friend’s recommendations seriously, but I also don’t try every game they say that they like, and the same is true in reverse. I haven’t been sorry when I’ve tried recommended games, but I haven’t necessarily loved them all either.

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