GW2: failing can be fun

Guild Wars 2 can have very varied difficulty. I’ve written before that I find the dungeons to be over-tuned given the lack of trinity. The open world content for the most part varies a lot depending on the specific abilities that monsters have. Wandering Orr again last night we certainly came across some nasty encounters, full of interrupts, roots and stuns to make combat painful!


There’s a big ship full of pirates for instance, with an event spawned boss pirate as well. We ran in here to explore and to grab a skill point up on the top deck. Going into the twisting, maze-like bowels of the ship proved a bad idea though as our two asura with a random norn guardian were quickly overwhelmed by the pirate captain and his minions.


We also came across the temple of Grenth at the Cathedral of Silence, where an event was underway to defend the temple from attack by a risen priest. We were mainly grabbing map points and waypoints so we just ran around the hordes of risen monsters and the defending vigil forces but it we had a few very tense moments here as there are lots of spiders that root you as you try to dodge past. The final par of our exploration session led us into an attempt to take the Gates of Arah.


This was a fun, and very well attended, chain of fights up the steps of the ruined city’s main entrance. I’ve seen it before but not repeated it for months.

Comparing the danger and fight tuning in Orr to Tequatl I think the the open world variety of zones events is better. The dragon fight was a good attempt at a something for the raid-inclined, I’m sure. But for me there is plenty of challenge in the existing content and, unlike the dragon, I won’t waste an hour standing waiting plus the 15 minutes or so fight time to then fail and get nothing in return. We died a few times during the night because of bad tactical choices, getting lost or a lack of enough allies.  However I didn’t feel at any moment like I was wasting time doing any of the varied things we were attempted. That breezy feeling of variety and choice of content, to me, is a core attraction of Guild Wars 2.

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