EQ2: get your heroic characters while you can

It occurred to me after the first rush of excitement over heroic characters passed, that I know a couple of friends who tried the game back when I started. They don’t play now, and maybe never will again but it’s still worth the 10-15 mins to log into the game and create or upgrade a character before the 15th October cut-off date.


If you’ve ever played Everquest 2 before then log back in and get it done while you still can! You won’t need to download any big patches as the game has a streaming client so just get past the initial patches for the launcher and login in straight away and you’ll avoid downloading the gigabytes of game data that aren’t needed for character creation!

The one restriction to this is that you must have created an EQ2 account before the 23rd September 2013 (source article). I’ve successfully badgered one friend to get this done, one more to go!

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