EQ2: some heroic characters notes

Thoroughly enjoying my shadowknight’s continuing adventures in the Great Divide.


A few tips for things that I noticed over the course of the last two sessions.

Gold sub for two weeks
My sub happened to expire yesterday, so I was surprised today to find that I could post items on the broker without needing tokens. It turns out that there’s complementary gold account status for all free to play (Bronze or Silver) players through this heroic character promotion period (1-15 October): link for more details.

Trial versus permanent upgrade
According to this thread on the forums you can trial different characters before you make the one free permanent level 85 – check out post #7 in this thread for details before you make any costly mistakes! But once you’ve made your character there’s no going back unless you’re willing to pay Station Cash.

Visit your trainer!I popped over to my class trainer in Gorowin (the Iskar starter city) and had four spells to learn – including a way to switch off area attacks and two different companion summon spells. If you’re playing a wizard or druid character you might even need to visit a portal trainer to get your all important teleport spells.

There is a mailbox nearish to your arrival point in Great Divide
I was very confused that there were no ‘services’ near the questing zone for freshly dinged level 85s. I recalled back to Gorowin to sort this and used the bell to return to Great Divide afterwards. However if you’d rather avoid all the teleporting you could take a griffin from the Orthmir camp (called Icy Fingers on the griffin map) down to Thurgadin Harbor. Thurgadin is a Coldain Dwarf city and has a full set of services including crafting stations, bank, broker, merchants and of course mailboxes!


While you’re here you can even grab a few daily slayer quests to earn faction reputation with the major cities.

Happy questing in Norrath!

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