EQ2: heroic characters offer a whole new world

… of AA confusion, crazy power and flying horses!



Game Update 68 landed (summary notes for GU68) and with it heroic characters. The interface for this is pretty slick actually with clearly labelled options to create a new character or upgrade an existing one at the character creation screen. I went with upping my lowbie shadowknight to the lofty heights of level 85.

Matching armour for a change

Matching armour for a change

Since it was an existing character there may have been some extra complications to deal with – in particular his AA build needing to cater for his massive new total of 280 AA points. Fortunately the developers have a solution ready as I found he had new pre-built specs already loaded in the drop-down menu including options for solo and group content.

Ready made AA builds were a very good idea...

Ready made AA builds were a very good idea…

I did also have to go through the other categories of character development such as racial traditions – Everquest 2 really does offer unparalleled customisation options for high level characters.

After that I used one of the provided teleportation orbs to beam over to the level-appropriate zone of the Great Divide. I did feel rather dropped ‘in the middle’ of multiple storylines here at first, but after a couple of short chains I got on with the business of getting to know the natives – that’s a standard pattern for many EQ2 zones and felt nicely familiar.


So far combat is manageable, I’ve not faced anything that is more challenging than the lower level content and my ‘AA-pimped’ shadowknight plays very impressively. If anything he seems a bit overpowered but I guess that’s the effect of the AAs and a full set of Legendary armour!

I managed a couple of hours on this new character before the server was brought down for a hotfix. Most of that time was spent reading all the new skills, trying to sort my hotbars and looking at customisation options – I haven’t made much questing progress yet. In any case the implementation of these heroic characters seems impressive and I find myself looking forward to playing this character going forwards.

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