LOTRO: mount shopping

Today’s post was delayed because I expected to be posting about heroic characters in EQ2; however due to the vagaries of time zones I logged in at 3pm (London) only to be almost immediately booted from the game as the 5 hour maintenance window for the application of the Game Update 68 began. So it’ll be mid evening before I can even log into the game!


The other topic on my mind from last night is that my main character in LOTRO is still riding his ever faithful basic horse, the one he obtained about 40 levels ago in the vicinity of Bree.

Huck, my faithful steed.

Huck, my faithful steed.

From what I’ve seen in-game and on the forums LOTRO players can be just as obsessive about collecting mounts as players of any other MMO. The difference in this game is the very subtle nature of the differences – most mounts are either horses or ponies (depending on character race and stature), plus the goats that you ride in Moria or elsewhere if you dare.

So, what mounts could I get otherwise? Well ideally I want something a bit faster than the standard 62% speed increase from the basic horse or goat I already have. I found this rather excellent guide for the subject at the Steeds of Middle Earth website.

Scrolling down the list of mounts awarded by deed completion:

I like the look of the Elf Ambassador horse, but then I have none of those reputations above Ally so have a lot of work to do on repeatable quests.

The Saviour of Eriador meta-deed horse is also nice but I would need to run a level 50 instance and a level 50 raid multiple times (presumably) to complete all those deeds.

There are several ‘store exclusive’ mounts that have the faster 68% speed increase, but I’m not that desperate for a faster mount that I’d pay the equivalent of approximately $30 (according to the value of Turbine Point cards on this wiki site)!

There is also the Isenguard War horse, which requires 99 Orthanc sigil fragments. I’m just now entering into the Isenguard expansion content, working through the first chapters of Book 4 of Volume III and it would appear these fragments come from the instance cluster at the end of the expansion.

So I’m faced with either many dungeon runs or a lot of reputation grinding to get a faster mount. It’s a decision that I’ll need to think about carefully, but I’m happy to invest the time in getting a better mount especially if I can tie it to advancing some virtue deeds at the same time as I’ve rather neglected planning this characters development.

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