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Perceived value and rare horses

Liore from Herding Cats has an interesting post about cash shops in MMOs and how they can impact on some non-standard measurements of achievement. In this context raid progression or PVP ranking are often considered as measurements of a characters … Continue reading

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Multiple capped characters

Playing over the weekend with family it was mentioned that some of them have multiple capped characters in WoW (level 90). I have one shaman at the cap and three more characters around level 85, which was the cap in … Continue reading

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‘Molo’ LOTRO-style

Questing in LOTRO, I came across a quest to slay a giant lizard called Bloodmaw.  As it happens the quest does offer the opportunity for a Dunlending called Gwin to help you kill the beast – but if I couldn’t … Continue reading

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WoW: exploring Pandaria’s history

Yesterday evening was spent playing WoW with visiting family. We wanted to do something a bit different and so decided to go chase lore objects across Pandaria. These giant scrolls come in various series, each scattered across a particular zone. … Continue reading

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EQ2: public quests take 2

While questing on my shadowknight I came across a public quest. I’d experienced SoE’s version of open group content back when the Destiny of Velious expansion was new and people were running the low level public quest outside Freeport. The … Continue reading

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LOTRO: not wanting to rush

I’ve been thinking about the pressure to level to cap over the last few days, I’m not the only one as Wilhelm has an excellent recent post on this topic. MMO developers have for years being pushing players to rush … Continue reading

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Connected realms and server merges

I’ve found a list of the first European WoW servers that are candidates for being ‘connected realms’. Details of what this means are in a Blizzard dev blog-post (link to it on WoW Europe forums). In essence it’s a server merge … Continue reading

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