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LOTRO: when you want to take a different path…

I’m playing through the Mirkwood epic quest content in LOTRO. Somehow my champion was already level 63 by the time I got started on this, and at level 65 he should be getting started on the Isenguard content so I’m … Continue reading

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Warhammer Online to shut down

It was hardly a surprise that the news broke this week that Warhammer Online is to shut down. There are other bloggers who had a lot more experience in this game than I, who cared more about the attempt at … Continue reading

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Blizzard Authenticator and iOS7

A Tentonhammer article posted Wednesday¬†warns of potential problems with your iOS device Authenticator app that could result from upgrading the device’s operating system to version 7. I must admit, despite being a techy, I’m very lazy when it comes to … Continue reading

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GW2: Tequatl Rising

The latest living story content release Tequatl Rising (official release) features a revamped dragon fight with the undead dragon Tequatl. As it happens we tried it on Tuesday, the date of the patch, but the new content wasn’t yet active … Continue reading

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Diablo III to lose auction house

Interesting news for Diablo III fans from Blizzard (see official notice)- they’ll be completely removing the auction house system (both in-game gold and real money versions) by March of next year. The news is good since the auction house really … Continue reading

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LOTRO: remembering the trait system how it is

This post is my humble attempt at a time capsule. The next expansion for Lord of the Rings Online will revamp the class system and traits and deeds that go with that. Although details are starting to trickle out on … Continue reading

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FFXIV: early dungeon experience

As an item on my ‘todo before free time expires’ checklist I managed to do the first story dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV this weekend. Finding out how to get in there was an issue although only because I was … Continue reading